SY-1 Syncussion DIY Kit

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Presenting the full size, SY-1 Syncussion kit! PRE-ORDER, Kits ship October 2022

This is an EXACT 1:1 Replica of the Pearl SY-1 Syncussion.  Everything has been reversed engineered to give you the FULL SYNCUSSION DIY EXPERIENCE


  • Remanufactured PCBs from scans of production boards
  • Remanufactured Panasonic pattern potentiometers
  • Remanufactured Slide switches
  • Uses original Mitsubishi dual NPN/PNP parts (Modern replacements will be available)
  • New production CNC cut MDF wood case (unfinished) or simple metal base
  • Original I/O board layout or Modernized I/O board which includes individual outs, Decay CV, per channel CV control with V/O trim
  • All new manufacture hardware (standoffs, risers, etc) 

Kit Includes:

  • SY-M Mainboard PCB
  • 2x SY1-S Voice Board PCBs
  • 2x SY1-R Riser PCBs
  • 1x SY1-J Classic Jack Board AND Modern Modified Jack Board with preinstalled SMD parts (you choose which to install, parts are the same)
  • Full Set of stamped and threaded standoffs (2 rails, 3 standoffs) with screws
  • Full set of 1/4" Phone jacks
  • Full set of Original JST Headers and sockets for the Riser Boards
  • Full Set of new manufacture potentiometers with caps
  • Full Set of Slide switches
  • Full Set of SINGLE NPN/PNP Transistors (2sa1015, 2sc1815)
  • MDF wood case (assembly and paint required) or Simple metal base
  • Metal Top panel



More info soon!