16n Faderbank with CV/MIDI/I2C Outputs

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What's new:

  • Aluminum Panels have blind standoffs, nice clean look.  2mm Anodized aluminum
  • Added switch for putting the I2C pull ups in or out of the circuit
  • Lower profile jacks to better accommodate different thickness panels
  • MINI USB jack running in parallel to the micro on the teensy for a more rugged connection


16n Details

  • 16 60mm faders
  • sixteen CCs over USB-midi
  • sixten CCs over minijack midi (with switch to swap between standards)
  • sixteen 0-5V CV output jacks, one per channel.
  • I2C: monome-style I2C protocol over TRS (tip is SDA, ring is SCL), works with Monome Teletype; also, I2C MASTER mode, works with monome Ansible, ER-301, TXo, etc (may require firmware patching or modification to connected device).

Toggle switch allows you to swap between 'Arturia/Novation' (tip is current source) and 'Korg/Makenoise' (ring is current source) standards; board is labelled such.


The MicroUSB on the teensy is VERY Fragile, it should be used for code upload ONLY.   This is why there is a MUCH more durable MiniUSB port attached to the main board and that should be used at all times.  It is connected in Parallel to the micro USB


Firmware files, upload with Teensy Loader:

16n I2C Follower firmware (default)

16n I2C Master firmware



Panel, PCB & Schematic provided by Infovore 

Panels and electronic schematics/layouts/gerber files are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0.

Firmware is licensed under the MIT License.