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MSW-810S Monosynth with Sequencer

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MSW-810 Analog Monosynth with TB-303 Sequencer. 

Fully assembled and Calibrated.


The MSW-810 is a faithful recreation of the CMU-810 Monosynth which was designed as a synth expander for the 1983 CMU-800 computer music production system. At its core however, is the tone generator of the MC-202.  

The MSW-810 pairs this synth voice with the legendary TB-303 sequencer Pixie emulation that runs the original TB-303 mask ROM code and also adds MIDI control (note and sync).  Accent is added on the rear panel and features accent in via 3.5mm jack and Accent amount.  Since the CMU-810 did not have accent as a feature, the 202 accent circuit was added as a mod.




AS3340 Based
Range: 16'/8'/4'/2'
Pulse Width Modulation: 50% to Min
PWM Mode: ENV/Manual/LFO
Modulation Depth

Sound Mixer 

Level Control Sliders: Square, Saw, Sub-OSC, Noise
Sub-OSC Waveforms: 1 oct down, 2 oct down, 2 oct down PWM


AS3109 Based
Cutoff Frequency: 10Hz to 20kHz
Resonance: 0- Self Oscillation
ENV Depth
Modulation Depth
CV Follow: 0-100%


Gate or Envelope


Attack time: 1.5 ms to 2 s
Decay time: 2 ms to 10 s
Sustain Level: 0-100%
Release Time: 2 ms to 10 s


Rate: 0.1Hz to 20 kHz
Delay Time: 20 ms to 0.7s
Rate Indicator

VCA + Mixer

Level Control Sliders: Synthesizer, Input 1, Input 2, Output
VCA Bypass Switch
VCA Response: Lin/Exp


Synth CV in: 1V/Oct, 0-7V, 3.5mm TS 
Synth Gate in: 0-12V, On>2.5V, 3.5mm TS
VCA CV In: Lin 0.83 to 5V, Exp 0.83-4.58V, 3.5mm TS
Input 1: Unbalanced 1/4" TS
Input 2: Unbalanced 1/4" TS
Synth Out: Max -6 dBm, Unbalanced 1/4" TS
Mix Out: Max -10 dBm, Unbalanced 1/4" TS
Headphone Out: Stereo, 9-150 ohm, 3.5mm TRS
Accent In: 0-5V, 3.5mm TS


9V DC, 500 mA, Tip positive.  120-240V Included




Includes: 1.5m TRS MIDI cable, universal power supply, MSW-810S Synthesizer