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F8R Output Expander

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F8R Output Expander adds 3 TRS  midi outputs (multiples of the MIDI out of the 8m), 3 fully buffered I2C TRS headers, and an optional 1x3 TRS Through.


The 3 I2C outputs are fully buffered and allow for very long connections to other devices.  They are all multiples of the I2C output of the 8m.


MIDI Out: Single Output from 8m. If nothing is plugged into this jack, the MIDI data is forwarded to the 1x3 MIDI through.

MIDI IN: MIDI input to the 1x3 MIDI through, connecting an input will disconnect the MIDI out from the 8m.  This input can accept TRS MIDI A or B cables

Multiple MIDI Outs: Fully buffered midi outs

2HP Width, 22mm Depth, TRS MIDI TYPE A outputs
Current Draw: N/A, Connects to 8m