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JasperIN MIDI/CV interface for Jasper/Wasp Synthesizers

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 This interface features Midi in and CV/Gate in (v/oct) for Wasp or Jasper Synths  using the EDP LINK interface. Due to the limitations of the Wasp design, it will respond to midi keys C2#-C5 only, anything outside of that range is ignored. Effectively, you get a little more range than the keyboard. Same is true for the CV.

The controls are: Midi learn (press and play a key) and a Reset button to put the Teensy bootloader in program mode. The USB port is currently used for uploading the code only.


The device is available in 3 formats:

Bare Bones: This includes the PCB and Teensy microcontroller preloaded with the Halfkay bootloader. ($40 USD)

Partially soldered PCB: This has the PCB with the more challenging SMD parts soldered (Microcontroller, opamp, and crystal). ($60)

Complete Device: Assembled and calibrated ($125)


Bill of Materials

Mouser Cart

Current Firmware

Build thread at Muffwiggler (need to be a registered user)