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MIDI Standards on Current MiSW modules

Posted by Raf Wlodarczyk on

So up until now, all the TRS midi cables and connections on all the modules have been the B type.  It's what I started with waaaay back when MIDI over TRS wasn't really a thing yet (Monotribe MIDI kit in 2012) but the time has come to move to the standard A type for all devices.  This really only affects 2 devices: mBrane and the Grids MIDI expander and both of those are being updated to the Type A standard.  It is worth mentioning that this only relates to MIDI Outputs, all MIDI inputs on current modules have the "PSImidi" setup where they can accept either type.  If you need a TRS to DIN cable in the B version, please contact me, I will be only selling the A type from now on