MSW-810 Sequencer Assembly Instructions

Sequencer Overview

The only parts that need to be attached to the sequencer are the Pixie processor, the tact switch caps, and the tempo potentiometer as shown above.

Please take care to install the 2 pin MIDI header in the correct position.  The MIDI out is available directly at the processor however it is NOT used at this time.  It is not needed to update the Pixie processor, the device shipped with the correct code and is ready to use


Tact Switch Cap Assembly

The caps simply snap on to the tact switches.  Please make sure the orientation is correct as shown below


There are two trimmers that need to be adjusted on the sequencer: 

Tempo clock


 With the tempo potentiometer at MAX (full CW), attached a probe to TP1 and adjust the trimmer to 251 Hz


5.333V Reference

 Attach a probe and adjust trimmer to 5.333V