SY-1 PCB Assembly

IMPORTANT:  Cut the shaft on the Rotary switches to about half their length, they are too long and make mounting the board into the case difficult

Rotary Switch Modification:

Leave about a 1/4"/6mm on the shaft.  File and clean up the cut so the knobs will easily.  Cut off the side tab on the switch

Cut the side tab off

Bend on of the inside legs so the part fits the footprint





Potentiometer Adapters:

1. Cut the included headers into individual pins
2. Insert 8 pins into the smaller holes and press against something flat so they are level
3. Solder pins into place
4. Mark the value of the pot on the bottom
5. Insert pot making sure it sits flush against the pins on the top
6. Solder Potentiometer pins in place
7. Solder the whole assembly to the board (do this last)
    • You can remove the middle pin plastic part, it will make soldering the pins in much easier



    Remove middle plastic part to make soldering easier:

    Pots sit on the PINS, not all the way down


    Assembly on the PCB 


    Riser PCBs:

    The riser PCBs are identical and are installed to match the 3 holes on each edge of the main control board.  Only the tinned pads on the control board need to be connected to the riser.  Not all connections are used, when in doubt where to place the connectors, use the voice board as a guide.


    Case Brackets:


    The 3 case brackets are identical except the bottom on is installed opposite the others in order to clear the switch next to it