Gnot, the DIY Gnat for the Masses

Gnat is a single-oscillator version of the Wasp. It has one digital oscillator and analog circuitry with a basic lowpass resonant filter, an envelope with Attack and Decay controls, an LFO which can modulate the pitch or filter, and a built-in speaker. Like the Wasp, it has a very touch-sensitive keyboard with 25 flat mini-keys. The Gnat also has EDP's proprietary control interface that could be used to link the Gnat to a Wasp or other EDP gear.  I've added a volume control to tame the speaker if you choose to use it but beyond that its an EXACT replica of the EDP device.  The board was painstakingly recreated from the original, potentiometers and rotary switches were manufactured to original specs by the companies that made them originally in the 80s
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