MSW SY-1 / Pearl Syncussion MIDI Interface

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MIDI Interface for MSW SY-1 or Original Pearl Syncussion


  • 4 octave MIDI note as an offset to the Tune Slider
  • 16 Levels of trigger level mapped to MIDI Note Velocity
  • Simple MIDI Learn (press corresponding channel sense pot twice, play a note)
  • MIDI Pitchbend
  • MIDI Modwheel aux output (0-4V).  Can be wired to any suitable mod (VCF Freq/Decay time Etc)
  • Split outputs (Stereo) or Original Mixed outputs 
  • Split Trigger Inputs (stereo TRS, Left Trig 1, Right Trig 2)
  • Split Tune Inputs with V/O Trim (stereo TRS, Left VC 1, Right CV 2)

Includes: SY-1 MIDI Interface, 2m TRS 3.5mmm MIDI Cable, 3.5mm to 1/4" Phone adapter