XVI-M MIDI Controller, 16 Faders, 16 programmable buttons, 14bit resolution

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XVI-M Desktop is a 16 channel desktop MIDI control surface.  

14 Feb 2024: V1.02 Firmware released


Instructions for updating from V1.0 at the bottom of this page


  • Long throw LED 60mm faders
  • USB MIDI, MIDI TRS#1 and MIDI TRS#2 outputs
  • USB Powered (USB C, Cable included).  Stand alone power adapter available but NOT included
  • 14bit (MIDI Pitchbend) resolution faders.  Can be set to any 7 bit CC
  • Online parameter editor
  • Fader output can be routed to USB MIDI, TRS MIDI A or TRS B
  • 3 color programmable button can be momentary, 1 state toggle, 2 state toggle, or 3 state toggle with each state sending a MIDI msg
  • Durable metal case


XVI-M Control Surface
USB C to USB A cable (2m)
1.5m TRS A to MIDI DIN cable


Item Dimensions: 23cm x 12cm x 40cm



Outputs: XVI-M has 2 TRS A MIDI outs (MIDI 1 and 2) and USB MIDI which can double as a DC power jack when not used with a computer.  The LED on the back will light up green when device is sending on MIDI 1 and blue when sending on MIDI 2.  There is no LED indication of USB MIDI activity.  Any fader can be assigned to any output and all 3 can be used simultaneously with the limitation of each fader having only one output per channel (one fader cannot send to MIDI 1 and MIDI 2 simultaneously)


Fader Operating modes: 

High Resolution mode (default):  Faders transmit 14bit MIDI Pitchbend data on a single MIDI channel (Fader 1-16 send on MIDI channels 1-16 by default). Button follows the same MIDI channel as the fader. In high res mode, pitchbend is the only message that the fader will send at this time.

Standard Mode: Fader transmits 7bit MIDI CC.  Any CC# can be used. Button follows the same MIDI channel as the fader.


Web Editor:

Switch Operation:

The button can be configured in one of 4 different ways:

 Momentary.  Pressing the button will light red (only when held down) and                                               send only one MIDI msg when pressed

 2 Position (2P)  Pressing the button will send one MIDI msg (toggling red) when                                        and one msg when pressed again turning off the LED.                                                          This is the default state and is good for mutes and other                                                       controls where there is a simple on/off functionality.  Generally, MIDI                                  devices see 0 as "off" and 127 as "on" on the same  CC#.

3 Position (3P)  Pressing the button will toggle it red and send one MIDI msg when                                    pressed, pressing again will send a second message and turn the LED                                green, and pressing on more time will turn off the LED and send the                                  "off" message.  The 3p and 4p modes are useful cycling 2 or 3 MIDI                                    messages

4 Position (4P)  Same as 3P but adds a 3rd "on" message 


Editing Parameters:

Coming soon


Firmware Updating:


For firmware versions from 1.02 and up, simply click the bootloader button on the web editor, this will restart the device in bootloader mode and new drive (MSWBOOT) will appear on your computer, simply copy the new UF2 to that folder, it will close immediately and the device is updated.

Firmware versions prior to 1.02 require a physical bootload procedure to update the device. To update the firmware from 1.00, a small reset switch must be pressed twice in quick succession.  This button is accessed through a small hole in the corner and is offset a bit downwards so your tool needs to come in on a bit of an angle.  Pressing this twice will make a USB Drive appear on your computer (MSWBOOT) to which you copy the UF2 file to, as soon as you copy, the folder closes automatically and the operation is complete