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What is this sorcery? 202 Tape thing allows you to easily interface your cell phone (or any other device that accepts standard TRRS 3.5mm inputs) to the Roland MC-202 to easily back up  your patterns to your cell phone and quickly restore them.  Aux 3.5mm TS jacks are onboard so this device can be used with other devices that have tape backup/restore functionality.



  1. Cell phone
  2. TRRS to USB/Lightning Headphone jack adapter or phone with headphone jack if you're brave and dont mind a fairly awkward sized dongle attached to your 202 (not serious advice, get a cable)
  3. Any phone audio recording app

Procedure for MC-202 Tape backup

  1. Set device to "PLAY" Mode
  2. Press record on your cell phone
  3. While HOLDING SHIFT (for all 3 steps), Press SAVE on the keypad, Press a number to identify the Pattern Number, Press enter.  There will be a pause and the device will beep when the procedure is complete

Procedure for MC-202 Tape Restore

  1. Set device to "PLAY" Mode
  2. Select the audio file you wish to use Press play on your cell phone
  3. While HOLDING SHIFT (for both steps), Press LOAD on the keypad and press enter.  The number of the patter will show in the display when the procedure completes correctly