8m Fader Bank with CV, I2C, and MIDI (Available March 2020)

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Available February 2020

8m is a 8 channel, 16hp control surface for Eurorack


  • Long throw 60mm faders with user replaceable LEDs
  • 0-5V, 0-10V, -5 to +5V CV ranges per channel
  • Fully analog CV outputs
  • I2C communications as master or follower 
  • I2C mode and addressing easily set by hardware switches. No coding needed
  • MIDI header for one output channel on the back of the device
  • I2C, MIDI, and CV can be used simultaneously
  • Arduino codebase for further customization of midi output/I2C data
  • Available expander with additional midi and i2c outs
  • Dual Colored LEDs.  Red/Green or Blue/Pink


16HP Width, 20mm Depth
Current Draw: +12V 50 mA, -12V 40 mA