Dust of Time (DOT), Main Pcb Only

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 Firmware and SD Card Content

This is a dual stereo oscillator with built in modulators and utilities based on a teensy 3.6 micro controller.

Each of the 2 oscillator pairs have a few different methods, each with separate tuning, pitch modulation, and 2 parameters that can be adjusted and modulated with stereo offset or inversion of the modulation. Some OSC modes are procedurally generated, some are wavetables, and it can play waveedit files from the SD card. some methods are oversampled, some are raw.

All modulators are at full 50KHz sample rate except chaos, which is at 3KHz
there are 4 DAHDSR with looping modulation and virus style slope sustain.
4 (resettable to actual degrees) LFO which can go from about 17 hours to 999.999Hz
2 chaos attractors each with x and y outs (16 types ofchaos available)
2 fusers, which take 1-3 modulators and mix, multiply or otherwise combine them.
a sub oscillator
2. "control" modulators, any of the pots, midi velocity, mod or bend, can be selected.

4 CV ins and v/oct in are available as mod sources anywhere, 2 of them are at 25KHz sample rate, 2 at 3KHz.

2 gate/trigger ins, MIDI gate, and 2 internally generated gates are combined in a matrix to 4 gate/trigger buses.

2 aux CV outs, can be any of the mod sources or t/g buses.


 Audio/Video Demos: