MSW SY-1 / Pearl Syncussion MIDI Interface

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MIDI Interface for MSW SY-1 or Original Pearl Syncussion


  • 4 octave MIDI note as an offset to the Tune Slider
  • 16 Levels of trigger level mapped to MIDI Note Velocity
  • Simple MIDI Learn (press corresponding channel sense pot twice, play a note)
  • MIDI Pitchbend
  • MIDI Modwheel aux output (0-4V).  Can be wired to any suitable mod (VCF Freq/Decay time Etc)
  • Split outputs (Stereo) or Original Mixed outputs 
  • Split Trigger Inputs (stereo TRS, Left Trig 1, Right Trig 2)
  • Split Tune Inputs with V/O Trim (stereo TRS, Left VC 1, Right CV 2)

Includes: SY-1 MIDI Interface, 2m TRS 3.5mmm MIDI Cable, 3.5mm to 1/4" Phone adapter

Installation instructions:

The main output can be configured in 2 different ways:

Original Syncussion Configuration: 

This has the two voices MIXED into a MONO output.

Modification to SY-1 Board: None.
Modification to MIDI Board: Connect the supplied jumper to the shorter header pin 1 on one end and the two pin header on the other

Mod Syncussion Configuration: 

This has the two voices SPLIT into individual channels via a TRS 1/4" Phone plug (TRS to 2x TS Phone plug required)

Modification to SY-1 Board: Remove R145 and R146 (upper right corner of control board)
Modification to MIDI Board: None

Connect the 2 pin header with short wires to the pads left by R145 and R146 as shown below


Channel 2 Pitch Control: 

To control the pitch of the second voice, a resistor needs to be removed and the CV control for that channel must be connected

Modification to SY-1 Board: Remove R2 on control board, replace with wire to MIDI board (CV2)
Modification to MIDI Board: None


Channel 1 and 2 Mod Wheel destinations (optional): 

MIDI Mod Wheel can control one additional parameter per voice

Instructions for these mods are located in the BOM, MODs tab:

Michigan Synth Works SY-1 1.1 BOM OFFICIAL - Google Sheets


Operating Instructions:


MIDI Functions:

16 Tigger levels controlled by MIDI Velocity: The Sense potentiometers can be used to further adjust the trigger level from the MIDI to CV converter.  Plugging a jack into the trigger input will override the MIDI generated trigger

4 Octave pitch: The pitch CV functions as an offset to the Pitch slider so it is always a relative pitch, not absolute pitch.   Plugging a jack into the Tune input will override the MIDI generated Pitch

MIDI Pitchbend

Modwheel to Filter frequency: 4V (50%) possible modulation range to filter frequency as an offset to the filter frequency slider.  This can be used to extend the range of the filter up or down beyond what is possible with the slider alone

MIDI Learn: Pressing the sense potentiometer twice quickly will make that trigger LED for that channel flash, the MIDI channel will be set for that voice to the next received MIDI notes channel

Firmware update: Power the SY-1 with the CH1 Sense potentiometer press, the trigger LEDs will alternate and you will hear the channels sound indicating that the device is ready to receive the update.  Send the SYSEX file using a midi utility of your choice, the trigger 1 LED will flash and the voice will sound indicating that it is receiving data.  When complete, the trigger LEDS will alternate.  Reboot the device to finish the update